School Camps

We run a 100% Mexican camp with the objective of giving children and young people he opportunity to have different experiences, enjoy themselves and to help them develop skills to further their development.

All of our camps are different as we design them to your likes and needs in order that they are more enjoyable and promote the best harmony between you and your friends.

During the camp you will be accompanied by professional organisers who will guide you in the activities to enable you to enjoy yourself in a safe way.


Skills: Tyrolean traverse (zip-wire), abseiling, commando course, blind track…

Feel the adrenaline; test your limits

Recreational: flags competition, vent games, safari…

Enjoy yourself to the maximum with your Friends

Rallies: Treasure hunt, water sports, survival, challenges, detectives

Run, hunt, overcome the challenges to win

Sport: Archery, football, kit-ball, volley ball, rifle shooting

Practice your favourite sports and discover and enjoy new sport

Night time: Living museum, dinner dance and show, discotheque, bonfire, tracking

Go out in the night with your friends and enjoy this incredible activities

Scouting: Dens, tents, survival food, building, route finding

Learn the excitement of living with nature

Workshops: Cooking, science, craft work, art

Let your imagination grow through delicious food or amazing art work

Team work: Working together, effective communication, leadership, conflict resolution

Learn more about yourself and your friends

What is included?

What to Bring


This is not recommended for pregnant women, people with neck or back problems, people with haemophilia, asthma or epilepsy or for people with heart problems.