Historical Center Mexico City

With a small group of maximum 11 people we will travel to the historic center next to an archaeologist who will transport us with his knowledge to the most important historical moments of Mexico City. We will start in the plaza of the foundation to understand the origins of the City, we will continue along Av. Pino Suarez where we will see some of the iconic buildings until we reach the Plaza de la Constitución (Zócalo) to see the buildings that surround it. As the transformations that this space has lived and we will visit the interior of the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Leaving the Cathedral we will go to the archaeological site of Templo Mayor, where we will understand the past of the Aztec civilization in this site. Then we will take a break at the Café El Mayor where we will have the experience of having a coffee and snacks in a typical café of the center (included) and we will delve deeper into the Aztec culture.

After the break we will walk through the streets of Madero and Tacuba in direction to the west and we will pass by several churches, palaces and iconic museums of the area where we will be able to realize the majesty of the buildings of this time to finish the tour in the most impressive of all the palace of fine arts where we will relive its history appreciating its magnificent architecture, then we will go to a craft market where you can buy pieces of our talented artisans.

What is included?

What to Bring


This is not recommended for pregnant women, people with neck or back problems, people with haemophilia, asthma or epilepsy or for people with heart problems.