Benefits of Using Trekking Poles

"I have never used canes, why should I do it now?" The previous one, is a phrase that I have had to hear many times from people who become true detractors of the trekking poles without even having a basis for this. However, walking sticks can become your best friends. Here we tell you why.

They reduce the load on the knees: When we walk without poles, the load is concentrated on the lower body, generating a greater impact on the knees and ankles. With the poles we help distribute that load a little towards the upper trunk, using the strength of the pecs and arms to reduce the impact on the knees by up to 25%. If you want to continue in this until old, this reason alone is enough.

 They offer more support points: The poles provide two additional support points that will help you climb thanks to the strength of the upper body, and especially to descend on steeper slopes.

 Greater Traction: The two contact points will give you greater traction on slippery and unstable terrain such as snow, mud or loose rock.

 Help improve pace: Walking with poles will help you establish and maintain a steady pace, which can help you improve your speed, especially on flatter, less technical terrain.

 They improve balance: The poles will help you balance on difficult terrain such as river crossings, or exposed edges, allowing you to move faster, easier and safer.

 They serve to move obstacles: The poles allow you to "clean" your way by being able to move branches with thorns crossed in the path or remove spider webs.

 You can use them as a probe: rekking poles can be used as a probe to "probe" and obtain more information on the terrain ahead, such as determining the depth of a puddle or verifying the strength of a bridge of snow.

 Aid in brief moments of rest: The poles will help you to relieve a little the weight that you carry on your back. For example, if you carry a heavy backpack, you can take a short break by leaning on them.

Leaning on poles for a short break with heavy backpacks.

 Other uses: The poles can be used for different things such as: shelters for shelters, splint in case of injury, stakes, monopod to take photographs, etc.

 Defense: You can use them to defend yourself against the attack of dogs or other animals.

As you can see, there are not a few reasons that justify the use of trekking poles for walks and mountain ascents. Use them.


Source: lacumbreonline

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