Tips to get started on the mountain bike

Summer is a very favorable time to practice a sport that is gaining more and more followers, such as mountain biking. However, those who want to start practicing it for the first time, must take into account a number of points:

First of all, mountain biking is a very demanding sport, which is why it requires that we be in good physical condition, so it is recommended, before starting to carry out complementary training on both the legs and our cardiorespiratory fitness, which said sport will test you. A good idea is to practice spinning, which involves muscular work similar to what we will do with our bicycle, but with less demand.

In mountain bike training it is essential that we develop our skills on the bike, as well as strength and endurance, to withstand both the impacts and falls, which are frequent in this sport.

When we start, we must do it slowly and progressively. A good idea is to start with a route between 15 and 20 km and then gradually increase depending on how our body reacts. If we are not very fit, it is best to start with a quiet ride on the bicycle that does not exceed 20 km to train our muscles as well as our cardiovascular system.

It is very important, for our first outing, not to go alone or to choose a route that is too demanding because colleagues can handle them. It is best to go with at least one partner and follow a known route, in order to face any problems that may arise. It is very important to always take the cell phone.

También debemos proveernos del equipo necesario para practicar este deporte con total seguridad, en el que nunca deben faltar el casco, los guantes y los botes de agua o sales minerales.

 Here you can see our different cycling routes if you are a beginner we recommend the route from Ajusco to Tepoztlan. 

Mountain Biking Routes

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This is not recommended for pregnant women, people with neck or back problems, people with haemophilia, asthma or epilepsy or for people with heart problems.